Galaxy 29 - Ku Band
125° West
12106 Mhz
FEC: 3/4
S/R: 2398
VPID: 101
APID: 256
Montana PBS is the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) member Public television state network for Montana. It is a joint venture between Montana State University (MSU) and the University of Montana-Missoula (UM).

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12:03 am11th & Grant With Eric FunkThe Blokes
(running time: 58 mins)
01:01 amAustin City LimitsSt. Vincent
(running time: 59 mins)
02:00 amNovaFirst Horse Warriors
(running time: 60 mins)
03:00 amNatureEquus: Story of the Horse
(running time: 60 mins)
04:00 amNo Passport RequiredDetroit
(running time: 60 mins)
05:00 amSecrets of the DeadThe Real Trojan Horse
(running time: 60 mins)
06:00 amJamestownJamestown’s first baby brings joy to the settlement but the discovery of a terrible crime throws suspicion upon all inhabitants
(running time: 50 mins)
06:50 am11th & Grant With Eric FunkBad Betty Organ Combo: Move Your Hand
(running time: 10 mins)
07:00 amTwo for the RoadTexas: Adventure in Big Bend
(running time: 30 mins)
07:30 amCurious GeorgeGeorge's Photo Finish/ Monkey Mystery Gift
(running time: 30 mins)
08:00 amThe Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About ThatTake a Walk/ Cotton Patch
(running time: 30 mins)
08:30 amSesame StreetRosita and Elmo Teach Yoga
(running time: 30 mins)
09:00 amPeg + CatPeanut Problem/ More Adventures of Robin Hood
(running time: 30 mins)
09:30 amArthurBud's Knotty Problem/ That's My Grandma!
(running time: 30 mins)
10:00 amMarket to MarketReporting about the issues that challenge agriculture with expert analysis of major commodity markets that fuel the economic engine of rural America
(running time: 30 mins)
10:30 amAmerica's HeartlandBacon Knows No Bounds
(running time: 30 mins)
11:00 amFiring Line With Margaret HooverBringing together the brightest minds and freshest voices from across the political ambit
(running time: 30 mins)
11:30 amConsuelo Mack WealthTrackDisastrous Retirement Mistakes
(running time: 30 mins)
12:00 pm11th & Grant With Eric FunkStefan Stern: Sonata in B Minor
(running time: 31 mins)
12:31 pmMontana Mosaics: 20th Century PeopleEthnic Diversity, Arts and Humanities in Montana
(running time: 29 mins)
01:00 pmMontana Ag LiveFarm to Table: Montana Made - Hops
(running time: 60 mins)
02:00 pmMasterpiece ClassicLittle Women
(running time: 60 mins)
03:00 pmCrouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon(2000)
(running time: 121 mins)
05:01 pmJFK: The Last SpeechPresident John F
(running time: 59 mins)
06:00 pmA Bad Deal: My Vietnam War StoryNever-before-seen footage, along with interviews with Hamlyn, to offer a revealing glimpse into the story of one American war veteran transformed by combat, as seen through the lens of his film camera
(running time: 30 mins)
06:30 pmJoni Mitchell Live at the Isle of Wight Festival 1970Joni Mitchell delivered an incredibly emotional and ultimately triumphant performance at the Isle of Wight in 1970
(running time: 60 mins)
07:30 pmPBS NewsHour WeekendCollege for Mothers
(running time: 30 mins)
08:00 pmMontana Ag LiveFarm to Table: Truck Farm
(running time: 60 mins)
09:00 pmCall the MidwifeShare in the Turners’ emotions over May’s impending adoption
(running time: 60 mins)
10:00 pmMasterpiece ClassicLes Miserables: Barricades
(running time: 90 mins)
11:30 pmPBS PreviewsChasing the Moon
(running time: 30 mins)

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