Galaxy 29 - Ku Band
125° West
12106 Mhz
FEC: 3/4
S/R: 2398
VPID: 101
APID: 256
Montana PBS is the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) member Public television state network for Montana. It is a joint venture between Montana State University (MSU) and the University of Montana-Missoula (UM).

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12:08 amAustin City LimitsSteve Earle & The Dukes: A Tribute to Guy Clark
(running time: 57 mins)
01:05 amSong of the MountainsETSU Old Time Ramblers/ Amanda Cook Band
(running time: 58 mins)
02:03 amNovaWhy Bridges Collapse
(running time: 58 mins)
03:01 amNatureUndercover in the Jungle
(running time: 59 mins)
04:00 amMagical Land of OzA look at one of the most magical lands on the planet
(running time: 60 mins)
05:00 amBreakthrough: The Ideas That Changed the WorldThe Car
(running time: 60 mins)
06:00 amCall the MidwifeWitness Dr
(running time: 60 mins)
07:00 amReconnecting RootsNational Parks: Progress and Preservation
(running time: 30 mins)
07:30 amCurious George: A Halloween Boo FestGeorge is excited to spend his first Halloween in the country
(running time: 60 mins)
08:30 amSesame StreetWhen You're a Vet
(running time: 30 mins)
09:00 amMolly of DenaliFirst Fish/ A-maze-ing Snow
(running time: 30 mins)
09:30 amMister Rogers' NeighborhoodMister Rogers Talks About Pets
(running time: 30 mins)
10:00 amMarket to MarketReporting about the issues that challenge agriculture with expert analysis of major commodity markets that fuel the economic engine of rural America
(running time: 30 mins)
10:30 amAmerica's HeartlandA weekly series profiling the people, places and processes of agriculture
(running time: 30 mins)
11:00 amFiring Line With Margaret HooverCivil rights activist Bryan discusses race in America, the legacy of slavery and his work defending death row prisoners
(running time: 30 mins)
11:30 amConsuelo Mack WealthTrackA weekly series that provides an original holistic approach to investing
(running time: 30 mins)
12:00 pmBring Them Home/ IniskimTwo short films that were shot simultaneously on the 2016 fall Blackfeet buffalo drive
(running time: 30 mins)
12:30 pmBusiness: Made in MontanaNo Episode Information
(running time: 30 mins)
01:00 pmMontana Ag LiveKeeping Weeds in Check With Biologic Controls
(running time: 60 mins)
02:00 pmGreat Lighthouses of IrelandRevealing the momentous chapters of history that our lighthouses were witness to, from shipwrecks to both World Wars
(running time: 50 mins)
02:50 pmFreezeout LakeA celebration of one of Montana's ultimate birding locations, Freezeout Lake, near the spectacular Rocky Mountain Front
(running time: 11 mins)
03:01 pmThe Caine Mutiny(1954)
(running time: 125 mins)
05:06 pmOceans of PinkThe explosive global growth of dragon boat racing among breast cancer survivors, and the growing participation among Hispanic women, is highlighted
(running time: 57 mins)
06:03 pmOur American FamilyThe Youngs
(running time: 27 mins)
06:30 pmDangerous Borders: A Journey Across India and PakistanOn the third and final leg of their journey, journalists Adnan Sarwar and Babita Sharma travel along the northern part of the border
(running time: 60 mins)
07:30 pmPBS NewsHour WeekendIn-depth analysis of current events with news summaries, discussions, and news pieces
(running time: 30 mins)
08:00 pmMontana Ag LiveTaking the Pulse of Lentils, Peas, and Chickpeas
(running time: 60 mins)
09:00 pmMasterpiece ClassicThe Durrells in Corfu
(running time: 60 mins)
10:00 pmMasterpiece ClassicPoldark
(running time: 60 mins)
11:00 pmMasterpiece ClassicPress: Don't Take My Heart, Don't Break My Heart
(running time: 65 mins)

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