Anik F1R - C Band
107° West
4020 Mhz
FEC: 5/6
S/R: 30000
VPID: 1793
APID: 1794
CTV Two is a Canadian English language broadcast television network that is owned by Bell Media. CTV Two provides complementary programming to Bell Media's larger CTV network – primarily newer or younger-skewing series which have smaller audiences than those on the mainline CTV network. This listing is for CIVI, a CTV Two affiliate in Victoria, British Columbia in the Pacific time zone.

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12:00 amThe Big Bang TheoryThe 2003 Approximation
(running time: 30 mins)
12:30 amSplitting Up TogetherWar of the Wagners
(running time: 30 mins)
01:00 amThe GoldbergsAdam Goldberg wants to be a director when he grows up, so he documents his family as a way of getting practice
(running time: 30 mins)
01:30 amSeinfeldThe Slicer
(running time: 30 mins)
02:00 amCTV News Vancouver IslandNo Episode Information
(running time: 35 mins)
02:35 amThe Tonight Show Starring Jimmy FallonThis long-running, late-night talk and variety show features a nightly opening monologue with ongoing comedy segments and quick quips about current events
(running time: 62 mins)
03:37 amLate Night With Seth MeyersThis late night talk show welcomes a mix of provocative guests along with innovative comedy sketches
(running time: 58 mins)
04:35 ameTalkWe sit down with singer-songwriter Elle King
(running time: 30 mins)
05:05 amPaid ProgramPaid programming.
(running time: 30 mins)
05:35 amPaid ProgramPaid programming.
(running time: unknown or repeats)
06:00 amAnger ManagementCharlie Meets His Match
(running time: 30 mins)
06:30 amAnger ManagementCharlie Gets the Party Started
(running time: 30 mins)
07:00 amPaid ProgramPaid programming.
(running time: 35 mins)
07:35 amPaid ProgramPaid programming.
(running time: 30 mins)
08:05 amPaid ProgramPaid programming.
(running time: 25 mins)
08:30 amPaid ProgramPaid programming.
(running time: 30 mins)
09:00 amCFAX LiveNo Episode Information
(running time: 180 mins)
12:00 pmPaid ProgramPaid programming.
(running time: 30 mins)
12:30 pmPaid ProgramPaid programming.
(running time: 30 mins)
01:00 pmThe Bold and the BeautifulThe lives, loves and battles of the Forrester and Spectra clans, who run their own fashion houses
(running time: 30 mins)
01:30 pmThe Bold and the BeautifulThe lives, loves and battles of the Forrester and Spectra clans, who run their own fashion houses
(running time: 30 mins)
02:00 pmThe Dr. Oz ShowOz Investigates: Hydrogen Peroxide: Does Your Favorite Home Cure Actually Work
(running time: 60 mins)
03:00 pmThe Ellen DeGeneres ShowConnie Britton of 'Dirty John' visits.
(running time: 60 mins)
04:00 pmThe Marilyn Denis ShowWe show you the foods that the longest-living people eat
(running time: 60 mins)
05:00 pmThe SocialWe share holiday hosting tips with our 5th chair Serena Ryder
(running time: 60 mins)
06:00 pmDr. PhilWitness to Murder
(running time: 60 mins)
07:00 pmMike & MollyA working class Chicago couple finds love at an Overeaters Anonymous meeting
(running time: 30 mins)
07:30 pmThe GoldbergsThe Opportunity of a Lifetime
(running time: 30 mins)
08:00 pmCTV News Vancouver IslandNo Episode Information
(running time: 59 mins)
08:59 pmCTV News Vancouver IslandNo Episode Information
(running time: 61 mins)
10:00 pmThe Big Bang TheoryThe Neonatal Nomenclature
(running time: 30 mins)
10:30 pmeTalkWe interview Jason Reitman about his film 'The Front Runners' and catch up with Julia Roberts and the stars of 'A Private War
(running time: 30 mins)
11:00 pmThe 52nd Annual CMA AwardsCelebrate the biggest artists in country music, live from the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee
(running time: 180 mins)

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